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AA Concrete’s Volumetric Concrete solution represents a pioneering approach to construction, tailored to elevate your projects to new heights of efficiency and precision. With a focus on adaptability, this innovative solution allows on-site mixing in real-time, ensuring that each pour is precisely calibrated to meet the exact specifications of your project. This dynamic approach not only reduces waste but also enhances the overall quality and durability of the concrete. AA Concrete’s Volumetric Concrete is a testament to their dedication to providing clients with flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious construction solutions that set new industry standards. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or infrastructure project, AA Concrete’s Volumetric Concrete stands as a symbol of their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction field.

Expert volumetric cement

Expert Volumetric Cement sets a new paradigm in construction precision and versatility. Crafted by AA Concrete’s experienced engineers, this advanced solution redefines the way projects are executed. With the ability to fine-tune the mixture on-site, Expert Volumetric Cement ensures a seamless integration of ingredients, resulting in concrete of unparalleled strength and consistency. This groundbreaking approach not only minimises material wastage but also maximises efficiency, revolutionising construction timelines. Backed by AA Concrete’s legacy of excellence, Expert Volumetric Cement stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering innovative and tailor-made solutions that address the unique requirements of each project.

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Take the proactive step towards revolutionising your construction process by contacting us today to experience the transformative potential of our Volumetric Concrete solution. With a keen focus on innovation and efficiency, we offer a cutting-edge approach that adapts to your project’s precise needs. Our Volumetric Concrete solution allows real-time mixing on-site, ensuring that each pour is custom-calibrated to deliver exceptional strength, durability, and consistency. Waste is minimised, productivity is maximised, and your project timeline benefits from the streamlined efficiency this solution offers. Don’t miss the chance to harness the power of AA Concrete’s expertise – reach out to us now and discover how our Volumetric Concrete solution can redefine your construction endeavours from start to finish.

Our Services

Accelerator Admixture

Intends to enhance the solidification or hardening rate and advanced strength gain of concrete for earlier formwork demolding and impact

Retarder Admixture

The retarder admixture is a method of including a retarder to screed/concrete to reduce the water ratio in the mix and enhance the setting time.

Onsite Mixed Concrete

AA Concrete is ​​the UK’s recognized name in on-site concrete and screed mixing supplier, providing standard mixes for batching plants in a convenient on-site mixing method.

Onsite Mixed Screed

AA Concrete offers a comprehensive of conventional ready-to-use concrete mix screed materials to satisfy unique yet particular requirements

Barrowing Service

We have a specialised team which will deliver the ready mix concrete through the barrow at any location. Whether the concrete is 0.5 cubic meter or 1 cubic meter.

Fibres Admixtures

It is known that concrete is the prime factor when it is about construction. Different fiber components and additives could be used for improving their quality.

Line Pump

If you are searching to transport concrete to restricted access areas, such as passing buildings and nearby obstacles, then a concrete line pump is the perfect choice for your project.

Boom Pump

AA Concrete focuses on boom pumps, that is professional truck-mounted equipment. It can be quickly installed when ready-mixed concrete is about to be delivered.

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